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Web Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Development / Photo/ OOH Advertising


Web Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Development / Photo/ OOH Advertising



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Takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffett

In classical thought, the four elements earth, water, air, and fire frequently occur; sometimes including a fifth element or quintessence (after “quint” meaning “fifth”) called aether in ancient Greece and akasha in India. The concept of the five elements formed a basis of analysis in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, particularly in an esoteric context, the four

states-of-matter describe matter, and a fifth element describes that which was beyond the material world. Similar lists existed in ancient China and Japan. In Buddhism the four great elements, to which two others are sometimes added, are not viewed as substances, but as categories of sensory experience.


We are a forward thinking web design company, we understand the importance of your website design, and we can help you engage & gain the confidence of your customers.

AMG understands the challenges companies have with web development. We know it’s not just about design. It requires technical expertise, the ability to work with different platforms, the knowledge to create custom tools, and the professionalism required to manage projects. We can help your company set up a solid online foundation and ensure that your website is ready to handle anything you need today or as your company grows it in the future.
Our designs can help strengthen your brand and optimize your online business performance. AMG will create unique branding elements and web design, to work hand in hand, not only on your online & print materials, but with your overall marketing strategy. Your web design influences how people view your company, it is a representation of your company, and people use it to make a split second decision: whether your company is credible, authoritative, and trustworthy.

The foundation of your brand is your logo as it will be displayed in almost all contact points with your audience.

The foundation of your brand is your logo as it will be displayed in almost all contact points with your audience. Although designing a logo seems simple, it’s actually one of the most challenging aspects of design. You need to create one symbol, word, or graphic that represents the entirety of your company and your core message. It sets the precedent for the rest of your branding efforts, so getting it right is essential.
Logo design is a huge reflection of your company and is the foundation of your brand. We’ve designed unique one-of-a-kind logos for hundreds of companies and professionals, each handcrafted one at a time. Our goal is to make your brands logo effective and eye catching. We accomplish this by working with your company to effectively turn your vision, story, and image into an unforgettable logo.

Graphic Design is the Key to Creating a Unique Brand Identity, Connecting with Customers, and Developing Trust in Today’s Competitive World.

Today, customers make a split decision based on what they see. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so if you want make an impact, it’s vital that your graphic design is up to par. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your visual presentation makes you appear unique, credible, trustworthy, and authoritative.
We believe graphic design is about more that just “being pretty” — It’s about using images, infographics, illustrations, charts, graphs and layouts to communicate ideas, and sell products or services. By utilizing graphic design and visual branding, companies accomplish organic engagement and build lasting relationship with clients.

Visual Branding
Branding also has its own unique unspoken language. To be specific, visual branding is what will help you communicate your message to your target audience. For example, if your goal is to create an image as an innovative company, your graphic design elements must reflect innovation. If your goal is to communicate a dedication to customer service, friendly staff could be used to visually represent across all contact points.

Innovative Graphic Design
The key to standing out in today’s competitive world is to represent your company with unique graphic design. Most competitors mimic how industry leaders present themselves. That is actually counterproductive as it depicts these companies as lesser versions of the industry leaders. We can come up with an innovative design that sets you apart from your competitors and carves a unique identity in your industry.

White Paper Design
Here in the office we are obsessed with a white paper design, the main reason is because it allows us to make design cohesive with a corporate identity, but with just enough of room for us to add creative touch and incorporate some really cool infographics.

Catalogs, Brochures, and Print Media
Design in brochures, flyers and print media has a big impact on how your campaigns perform. Various design elements and formatting can increase engagement, lift conversions, and ultimately boost profitability. It is as much of a selling tool as are the words in your advertising. We have experience in designing for direct response and can help you create the winning campaign your company is seeking.

Branded Custom Icons Design
Sometimes, the little details make a big difference in perception. Things like custom icons for your applications and branded Powerpoint templates lets your customers know that you are a unique and professional company. There is a big difference between custom design and templates. If you used publicly available templates for your application, it wouldn’t appear professional and would be noticeable by many users.

Marketing and Media Design
Graphic design is also important in marketing and media. You can say that marketing and media are presentations designed for your audience. You want to make sure that your presentation appears professional and unique. For instance, if you are building a viral marketing campaign, you want to make sure that visual design elements like intros and fonts create an emotional response from your viewers.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization can be a very tricky task, but with over a decade of experience, we can provide the best practices in implementing marketing strategy to help SEO efforts.

People use the Internet for research, commerce, entertainment, and everyday life. In order to provide an excellent online experience, you need a versatile website that can build online traffic. The function of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices is to help search engines to find, index and rank your pages accordingly.
With the use of original designs and proprietary coding techniques, we are able to build a strong SEO format for our clients.
Good SEO planning can make a large difference when it comes to online traffic. We will provide various options when it comes to incorporating these tactics into your website design. Some of the tasks you can easily perform yourself and with a help of your team members where with some elements of the SEO you would need help from experts in the field. We will help you come up with a strategy and guide you through execution from beginning to the end.

We love what photography brings out in all of us – excitement, bringing out our passion for our visual storytelling and design work and the personality that is nested in the brands we work with. You know what your vision is – let us bring your brand to life and show off your company culture!

Photography, like all other assets in a project or advertising campaign must function in the service of a strategy, but the details of the execution matter greatly. Note how a website can be destroyed and stripped of originality by the decision to use stock photography. Poor choice of photographer can likewise kill an advertising or marketing campaign.
Photography is often the glue that holds a concept together. Without intelligent choices here, much of the other hard work that must go into a campaign, marketing program, branding execution or website can be rendered nearly meaningless.
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Allsoft Media Group is an independent creative agency, graphic design and web design firm. We work with clients all over the US, Canada, and Europe. We are intentionally a small company, run by a focused and goal oriented team. Give us a challenge; we are creative problem solvers.

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Latest Web Design Works

AMG believes in constructing unique projects that are exceptional in design and cost effective. AMG values the concept of strong presentation, which includes visual branding, integrative marketing and effective communication techniques that will facilitate your corporate image along with your industrial expertise.

We believe in going above and beyond for every project we undertake. Our team’s diversity and wealth of experience, combined with rich ingenuity, ensure our clients receive proficient and reliable services. We pride ourselves on integrity and the ability to identify as well as implement successful creative strategies for all our clients’ needs.

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Brand Value

Consumers are loyal to brands that embody values similar to their own. At AMG, we work with you to redefine your brand by identifying goals and directing your image to reach your target audience. Our Web Design and Graphic Design team is specialize in branding through graphics and all aspects of visual branding.


AMG will facilitate in the construction and presentation of your companies philosophy with the use of dynamic visuals, innovative graphic design, and web design, for practical brand marketing. People use the web differently, so it is important that your website is easily accessible from various platforms, intriguing to multiple audiences, and informative to all users.

Market Relevance

The web has changed the way businesses communicate. Recent developments in consumer marketing provide businesses with great opportunities to increase their web presence and reach an audience that was not previously accessible. AMG creates beautiful web design and exceptional graphics, which in turn, will build brand awareness and continuity, along with commercial intrigue.

Your Company Story

Every company has a story that makes them unique, and that story should be articulated in a clear and intelligent manner. Our valuable expertise and sense of technical integration will help you construct a powerful message that clearly illustrates your corporate philosophy and conceptual landscape. We can make your story exceptional.


Our reputation is one of excellent customer service and exceptional graphic and web design. We have experience custom designing everything from graphic design, web design, premedia needs, multimedia projects, advertising, and corporate presentations. We have the skills and passion to deliver only the best.

Our Clients

Our client’s corporate image and content are represented consistently, effectively, and accurately with every project we engage in. Our team’s expertise, combined with our unmatched creativity and problem solving experience, ensure our clients receive professional and reliable service regardless of geographic location.

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Our mission is to provide your organization with dynamic and vibrant marketing strategies, whether it’s a web design, logo design and/or something as complex as putting together effective media campaigns. We help companies become leaders in their field by providing outstanding graphic and web design materials in addition to marketing utilities that are subjective and identifiable to each organization’s brand.

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Creative Agency

When developing a brand strategy, a collaborative effort creates better results than a project lead by one or two people. A team can come up many ideas for the visuals and story of your brand. Your eyes will be opened to possibilities that you didn’t think was possible.

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